Monday, July 22, 2013

Potty training

Evelyn is 2 years and 4 months old. We have casually been trying to introduce her to the potty for months! I first bought her a potty seat for her to use on the big potty. She wanted nothing to do with that and would freak out whenever I put her on there. Thus, I decided to just buy her a small potty of her own. 

She has sat on the small potty a lot but only once (recently) did anything on it.  Well, last night, my husband decided to once again put her on the big potty. This time she did not freak out; in fact, she actually peed! We got so excited for her and she was excited as well!

This morning we put her on the potty again and to my surprise she went. She did this throughout the day. I tried to take her up once an hour and it seemed to be working well. She did have a few accidents (we put training underwear on her) but at least when we put her on the potty she would go!  She hasn't done #2 on the potty yet (actually she didn't do that at all today) but hopefully she will get it all soon! We just have to work on having her TELL us when she needs to go.

One step at a time... In the meantime, I am so proud of what she's done so far!
What a big girl!

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